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Audio Arcana Sings Blue Silver

December 04, 2021 Audio Arcana Episode 34
Audio Arcana Podcast
Audio Arcana Sings Blue Silver
Show Notes

" silver" The Chauffeur by Duran Duran

Honestly? We have no idea what it means either, but we'll give Simon Le Bon credit, it sounds cool.

Come join your ne'er do well Audio Arcana podcast hosts this episode where they'll celebrate the season of giving and merriment by talking about the music videos that have creeped them out over the years. Chris and Matt are ALL over the board this episode. Seriously, this episode ranges from dogs urinating on CRT televisions, Sony Walkmans, 1960's film stock, parking garages, beloved British children's shows, pantyhose, renting a cabin, and one-piece jumpers for men. We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.

Oh, Chris and Matt go completely off the rails towards the end of the episode and start discussing their favorite horror movies they watched recently. They are simple creatures.

Thank you so much for listening, and we hope you enjoy the episode.

No music playlist for this episode, BUT man, do we have some videos for you to check out:

Aphex Twin Come To Daddy

Brandon Flowers Lonely Town

Uncle Acid and the deadbeats Ritual Kinfe

Duran Duran The Chauffeur: (NSFW Age Restricted)

Radiohead Burn The Witch

DEVO Jocko Homo

Wolf Alice You're A Germ

Nine Inch Nails Broken: You're on your own here. Seriously, not even going to look for it. (The Beautiful Fraulein did find and watch the full video. She said it isn't that bad, and Chris is a big ole wuss.)