Audio Arcana Podcast

Ivan de Prume

April 30, 2021 Audio Arcana Episode 22
Audio Arcana Podcast
Ivan de Prume
Show Notes

No lyrics, no Spinal Tap references, no dad jokes...we got business to take care of.

This episode Chris and Matt have the distinct pleasure of speaking with and interviewing Mr. Ivan de Prume. From Matt's perfect introduction:

"Ivan is best known for his work with the seminal band White Zombie. This includes the multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated album La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1, an album that both Chris and I agree is one of the greatest metal albums of all time. Ivan has stayed busy with several projects throughout the years including a weekly radio show  called Metalopolis on Rock 101 KUFO FM in Portland, Oregon, his former band Healer which combined world music rhythms and melodies with heavy riffing, and his current groove-metal band Big News whose latest release The Lowdown can be found now on and iTunes. Beyond drumming, Ivan is also an accomplished producer and engineer at his own
studio, Burningsound Studios where he has worked with artists such as KMFDM, Megadeth, and Prong. Yes, Prong…..and no I did not take Tommy Victor’s wallet that night at The Whisky. Ivan’s studio site can be found at"

WARNING: Heads-up, the internet decided to not cooperate at the beginning of the interview, so this episode starts just a few minutes after we started speaking with Ivan. The rest of the interview is just fine. You'll enjoy listening to Ivan's stories. The dude is awesome. Chris and Matt ruin everything.

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