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Video Killed The Podcast Star

April 16, 2021 Audio Arcana Episode 21
Audio Arcana Podcast
Video Killed The Podcast Star
Show Notes

"Pictures came and broke your heart, put the blame on VCR." Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles

The Buggles kind of remind us that Chris and Matt should do an episode devoted to their favorite one hit wonders. It also cracks Chris and Matt up to hear something referencing VCR technology as some type of cutting edge futuristic gadgetry, but there's probably not much to discuss about that for an episode. Anyhow...

This week's episode is directly inspired by a video that Rick Beato posted on his YouTube channel. You should take a gander. It's a great video:

So Chris and Matt decided it would probably be a super idea to do their own lists of the YouTube videos that bring them no end of joy. Do they have the same type of insightful and meaningful discussion as Rick Beato does in the above video? Of course not. Well, not unless you consider Chris prattling on about "the heavyweight champion of riffs" or Matt's  "Dude, you can totally see his fake fingertips." as "insightful".

That being settled, we've got a LOT of links to share with you good people:

Black Sabbath - Live In Paris 1970 Full Concert:

Muddy Waters - Got My Mojo Workin':

Mastodon - Again by Alice In Chains (MoPoP Founders Award 2020):

The Cramps - Bikini Girls With Machineguns and Muleskinner Blues (Live):

PLAY A PLEXI 16 Guitarists Play A Marshall On 10! GuitCon 2017:

Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog (Official Video)

White Zombie - Tom Sawyer/Soul Crusher LIVE '91

Melvins - A History Of Bad Men (Live In Norway 2007)

The Misfits - Live In Atlanta , GA 08/24/97
(Chris is the jackass that pops up in front of Jerry Only at 1:12:47):

Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis