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Gonna Have A Breakdown

July 08, 2022 Audio Arcana Episode 44
Audio Arcana Podcast
Gonna Have A Breakdown
Show Notes

"Shakin', sweatin', feelin' bad (Anxiety), I feel like I'm going mad (Anxiety)" Breakdown by The Recoils

These lyrics? They just work out perfectly for this episode. Read on and find out why...

First, Chris made an anxiety inducing choice for this episode's first topic. It's bad, so bad. Chris decided that himself and Matt would check in on what's new, exciting, and popular in the Metal Community. And what's the worst way they could go about checking in with what's new, exciting, and popular in the Metal Community? They went to Spotify's Top Metal category and listened to the Top 5 metal songs. Now, it's not all bad, but when it's bad, it's so bad. Come listen to Chris' and Matt's very vocal opinions about the Top 5 metal songs. (Side note: Meryl Streep is the actress Chris couldn't remember. Meryl Streep is amazing.)

Second, just when you think Chris couldn't possibly be any dumber, he goes and purchases the new Recoils single, and TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF! This single, Breakdown b/w Grifter just destroys, and Chris and Matt are going to talk at length what their honest thoughts were upon hearing it. You people were warned...

Thank you so much for listening, and Chris apologizes in advance if you click on certain links below.  (LISTEN TO THE RECOILS). We hope you enjoy the episode, and we'll have something else to rant on about in another two weeks. 

The Recoils Bandcamp:

The Recoils Breakdown

In Flames State of Slow Decay:

Parkway Drive Glitch:

Lamb of God Nevermore:

The Devil Wears Prada Salt:

Stratovarius Survive