Audio Arcana Podcast

It's Not You, It's Definitely Us

February 20, 2022 Audio Arcana Episode 38
Audio Arcana Podcast
It's Not You, It's Definitely Us
Show Notes

"The back seat at the drive-in is so lonely without you...I know when you're home." Saturday Night by The Misfits

Upon reflection, most episodes of the Audio Arcana podcast should be named Chris and Matt Ruin Everything. This episode is absolutely no exception. I think Chris and Matt were attempting to ruin St. Valentine's Day. As is par for the course, they're really late in doing so. It was a good try.

Anyhow, come join Chris and Matt in this episode where they discuss old books, sleep paralysis, chihuahuas, coffee shop singers, Dr. CHUD's backing vocals, Merlin and Stella, car thieves, Apartment 213, and how all these things correlate to their favorite creepy, obsessive, and psychotic love songs.

(Matt almost makes Chris cry this episode. They also get into a weird discussion about serial killers. Go figure. They discuss if Disney World is actually the happiest place on earth and why driving at night is the best time to drive. Finally, they manage to offend almost every nationality with their horrible accent impersonations. It's another really odd episode. This is the companion piece to the previous episode 37, It's Not Us, It's Definitely Them.)
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