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Do you have strong opinions on how you would fix classic rock ‘n’ roll radio? Can you immediately describe, in detail, the worst record buying experience you have ever suffered? Do you and friends debate the pros and cons of collecting bootleg LPs? Do you meticulously curate your own Halloween playlist every year? Can you instantly name the first person you would remove from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the artist you would replace them with? If we gave you a $100.00 budget, could you immediately say what LP you would buy? Which pressing? Which color of vinyl? Of course you can’t/don’t. Normal people don’t bother with this level of minutiae. Chris and Matt, your hosts of the Audio Arcana Podcast, are not normal people. They spend a good deal of time discussing all those topics and a great deal more. Come join them every two weeks to find out what nonsense they are discussing, mocking, and obsessing over concerning music, artists, and collecting.